Henderson International Insurance B.V.

Reinsured by …………


Which trip is insured

  1. Any trip booked with and undertaken with Winair Airlines, regardless of the purpose of the trip.
  2. In the Caribbean, if the trip is booked with Winair Airlines.


Duur van de verzekering

  1. Maximaal 7 dagen, vanaf het moment dat verzekerde is ingecheckt en zijn bagage heeft toevertrouwd aan Winair Airlines.
  2. Tot en met de terugreis, als verzekerde zijn ruimbagage terug heeft ontvangen.


Duration of the insurance

  1. A maximum of 7 days, from the moment the insured has checked in and entrusted his baggage to Winair Airlines.
  2. Up to and including the return of the trip, if the insured has received his checked baggage in return.


What is the premium

The premium is a fixed amount of USD 25.00 (TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS) and is stated on the ticket.


What is covered

  1. Medical expenses in the event of acute illness and/or accident)
  2. Luggage.
  3. Death or permanent disability in the event of an accident.


When is the damage not insured

  1. Through serious conflicts (molestation), nuclear reactions, fraud, crime, intent and/or recklessness.
  2. When doing nothing to prevent damage.
  3. When using alcohol, drugs, medicines or other intoxicating substances.
  4. Participation in a martial art, fight, military activities, speed competitions, (professional) cycling competitions and/or mountain and slope challenges.
  5. (professional) cycling races and/or mountain and slope challenges.
  6. Through extreme forms of mountaineering, (sub)water sports and air sports.
  7. In the event of an epidemic and/or pandemic.
  8. When treated in a private clinic.
  9. Paranormal and/or alternative treatments, costs for follow-up treatment and/or medicines/bandages without a prescription.
  10. Treatments, examinations and medicines for an existing illness or symptoms that the insured already had before the trip and that have not worsened during the trip.
  11. Drive, sail or fly without a valid certificate and/or license.
  12. When committing suicide.



Call Henderson International Insurance B.V.:

– Welfare Drive # 6, Unit 1.

Cole Bay, St. Maarten.

T: 1-721-544-3557.

  1. If the trip does not go ahead.
  2. As soon as possible in case of illness or accident. And follow the advice of the emergency center.

– If it does not work for a valid reason, report insured or within 2 weeks.

– Send all information and evidence immediately, even if the insured has (partially)   

   recovered. All in Dutch, English or Spanish.

  1. When admitted to the hospital, the insured person reports this in advance to our emergency center.
  2. In case of theft of the luggage, report the damage to the local police, police at the airport/station, municipality, a conductor, the tour leader or owner of the campsite or hotel during the holiday.

– Send the declaration certificate and the Property Irregularity Report.

  1. In case of a complaint.


What is the maximum amount paid out


MEDICAL EXPENSES                                                                                                       MAXIMUM

Treatments, examinations, medicines, bandages, transport & nursing in the hospital.

Cost price

USD.      25,000.00

Medical equipments

Cost price

USD.        1,000.00

Dental costs

Cost price

USD.           250.00


Cost price

USD.      10,000.00

Repatriation to the recidence

Cost price

USD.        1,000.00

Repatriation of the remains

USD.        8,000.00

Repatriation of a minor in the event a parent, guardian or companion becomes ill.

USD.        1,000.00

Extra accommodation costs max 7 days

Fair and reasonable

USD.           500.00


In total, for all costs taken together, no more will be paid than


USD.      25,000.00








Damage to bagage

USD.        1,000.00

Loss of bagage.

USD.        1,000.00

Theft of bagage.

USD.        1,000.00

Totaal wordt voor alle kosten samen niet meer uitgekeerd dan

USD.        1,000.00


Deductibel, per trip

USD.           100.00

Extra deductibel for mobile phones, smartphones, laptops or tablets per device, per trip.

USD.             50.00



Personal injury


Permanent disability

The insured loses a body part.

Percentage of

USD.                           10,000.00


The insured can no longer (partly) use a body part.

Part of the percentage of

USD.                           10,000.00


No helmet or seat belt

75% of the amount to which the insured would otherwise be entitled.


Lumpsum for funeral expenses

USD.                             5,000.00